Golden Eye 007: the Golden Age of Video Games

Ah -- Golden Eye 64. You commanding gem of a game, you. Its doubtful there'll be anything like it. Golden Eye, your conception was ill conceived. But was magnimously executed by developer Rare. Had enough of competitive paintball? Golden Eye can help you there. Its paintball mode, specifically. Players can run amock versus each other in the paintball mode, unfettered by grime bloodstains. Indeed, Its fun. The game was at the bleeding edge; however, It was also unorthodox. In that it didn't follow conventional console FPS. Or the Doom clones at the time. 

 A fine and nobel sacrifice. ITS GOLDEN EYE 64. It was inspired by Future Cop -- an on-rails shooter. KNOCK, KNOCK -- Its Greek Mythology. The 'Golden Age' refers to an immacable period. There was benevolence, and sincerity. The Earth had plenty of resources. Games have ushered in a new age: The "Golden Age of Video Games." Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda are among some of these games. Will we see another 'Golden Age? 

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