Why the PS4's blue light of death is a boon for the Xbox One

While the PlayStation 4 just released a few days ago, there are rumors! Yes rumors! We all love to gossip and it's contagious, but there comes a day when  we'll have to separate fact from fiction. Searching a number of retailers, there is a reported blue light of death. It's real. Who comes up with these names? Tell me that.

 The blue light of death indicates hardware failure and  early adopters are voicing their dismay at these defects. If you check out Amazon for yourself you'll notice a rising number of negative reviews for the Launch edition bundle. Such rosey words as "piece of shit" and "bullshit" color the generally positive reviews for the console, and with the Xbox's difficulties just arriving at launch, some fans may be reconsidering Microsoft's proposition.

The Xbox One's difficulties stem from early perception of the console that color it's self -image. It's one hundred dollars more than the PlayStation 4. It has been lambasted by fans for its software which was first proposed as an always-on console, which included it's camera Kinect that could track your motions, voices, and even your play style.

Yet after a brief deliberation, Microsoft rescinded this always -on strategy due to negative backlash from Xbox fans, some whom pre-ordered a PS4.
One million gamers picked up a PlayStation 4 within the first 24 hours of release in the United States and Canada last week.

While the BLOD is an issue affecting many upset console owners, it's still too early to tell what this implies or if it as widespread a concern as irate consumers are making it out to be. Sony doesn't seem too concerned, asserting that it is not a widespread issue. I don't know Sony, this might be the hook that Microsoft needs to promote their console (which launches tomorrow) while fans lying in wait, lay down their own pros and cons of the two next generation consoles. But of course I am referring of more savy consumers who will be ferocious in their stance and who will build up these new brands. Everyone else will still run around clueless like politics.

all for the reporting of facts and as we kick off this console generation, a continuum of traditional values, let's sort this mess out and get back to what else but the games. Let's not condemn the damn console yet. Consoles need love too, don't it? Dang it.

If there's a problem with certain batches of consoles and not all then Sony may not have an appropriate response to this and as hastey as the tongue may be; as cunning as video game companies may appear, they're human, but I'm right there with you. Dammit. I'd be mad too. But I didn't buy a PS4 at launch, nor will I be buying one any time soon. If you have experienced a blue light of death error, drop a comment.

 I'd love to know what the beef is. Please share your experience and if you're tired of faulty consoles, let em know.


  1. Sorry to dissappoint you but my PS4 worked just fine out of the box

  2. So did 99% of other customers who bought theirs, including me.

  3. "it's still too early to tell what this implies or if it as widespread a concern as irate consumers are making it out to be."

    False. Sony has reported that less than 1% of consoles have been affected, and that is including all the other issues. So it is still isolated.

    Stop reporting on nothing just for click bait.

  4. Pretty shoddy article. My PS4 is running perfectly. Cool, quiet, and extremely fast. It's only going to get better with age as well. Sony delivers and we all know this :P

    #4ThePlayers #PS4

  5. But you are the minority dude. The ps4 is a shoddy mess... the WORST launch EVER.

  6. go look on Amazon for yourselves sweeping an issue under the rug that's affecting hundreds of consumers, possibly thousands is not fair to them. And what of those consumers whom have not reported this issue to Sony?

  7. 1000 pissed off consumers =1000 twitter accounts

  8. And the PS4 has been successful post-launch. I just want these people addressed and not discredited


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