UK-based publisher Reef Entertainment announces new Terminator: the video games

Reef Entertainment, a U.K. based video games publisher has snatched up the video game rights of the first two Terminator films. And, Reef, has announced this week the production of a video game based on the IP entitled Terminators: The Video Games.

Studio Canal, a French production company originally owned the video game rights. Reef Entertainment has negotiated an agreement with Studio Canal, which spans console licenses across two Terminator video games. These include the original 1984 film, and the console and Windows PC license for its 1992 sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

"Here at Reef we are huge fans of [the] 1984 and 1991 sci-fi action masterpieces," stated Reef as the announcement was made in a press release. "It's an incredible opportunity and an equally huge responsibility to create a game that does great justice to the motion pictures."

Reef Entertainment additionally said, "We are studying all aspects and influences of the Terminator universe defined in [The Terminator] and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. We have started on our journey and are drawing on all the diverse materials available to produce a high-quality, authentic and exciting Terminator video game."

Source: Polygon

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