Deep Down developer Capcom releases two new screenshots

Deep Down is being is a dungeon crawler set in a futuristic New York City in the year 2098 and according to developer Capcom, the game is "being developed intensively" to bring it to beta.


After SCEE layoffs, Starship studios revealved

Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge, and SCE London Studio were all smacked with layoffs this week but that doesn't signal an end as every end to something leads to something else and Martin Kenwright, his new studio Starship studio was revealed.


Xbox One media remote releasing next month

Microsoft is releasing an Xbox One media remote next month according to Gameinformer, and it includes a few navigational features you may want to learn more about. If you're one of those types who doesn't like to leave your couch while WWE is airing, you may like the voice input features here.

BioWare and Failbetter Games working on unannounced project

Just like a big brother, BioWare is joining indie studio Failbetter Games, (and yes I know, indie studios have the coolest names.) Try pronouncing it, alternating the pitch of your voice. These two studios have been slaving in secrecy this past year for an unannounced project.


Cloud strife epic: part one of three

This the bad boy of this Midgar when I came on the train to a section to bomb a reactor. Merging with all the mako in the world was what I thought I'd want, yet it didn't seem to please me in that way it does.


Imagine PlayStation Home on PlayStation 4

Now that the PS4 is out in the wild, there's no sign of PlayStation Home on the console but we cannot rule out the possibility. It's rumored to land on the the console but what would it be like on the next generation console? Some things don't work, true and as an ambitious project to begin with, it was sure to have it's ups and downs. I see a wild world out there on Sony's next generation console. You know, Pokemon?


A PS4 and PS Vita ultimate bundle to launch at around $500 before Christmas

Sony is bundling the PS Vita and the PS4 in an ultimate bundle, in time for Christmas, according to MCV. A picture of the bundle appears in this week's issue of MCV confirming a December release.


Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Blackbeard's Wrath's upcoming DLC has been revealed

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Blackbeard's Wrath's upcoming DLC has been revealed by PlayStation trophy site PS3Trophies.org, and in the expansion players can command up to three characters: Blackbeard, The Jaguar and The Orchid.