Weekend Grooves - J.Cole: Hells Kitchen

A man named J Cole dropped this gem of a track. I can't say I was a Cole fan a few years ago, back when he debuted his first album. I felt he was a pop artist, which he admitted to being. All that hoopla aside. What matters today— right now is that this track titled "Hells Kitchen" explains better than I the foibles in the music industry. Which plays like a self-help track.

Cole's still flashy as fuck, bragging about his plaques. "Heaven seems a million miles away," "Tell my story I just hope they listen." Oh, and "get smacked in the head if you said I'm neck to neck with them square rappers." Kick your weekend off with Weekend Grooves. Been a hell of a week, wouldn't you say? Shoot me a message,  if you're down to chat. Or maybe you want to know more about me. That's fine.

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