Save You Sum Money: Is The Last of Us Survival Edition Worth It?

Although your glib nature, lighting up like fireflies at first sight of a game, could easily talk yourself into splurging; plucking out your hair because you broke the bank again will make you bald. And with no hair on your head, nor money in your accounts, you're likely to live beyond your scalp. And spend you will...that bottom penny will go to the Last of Us Survival Edition. But you should first, read this. Naughty Dog has three editions of the game available for purchase. The regular edition of the game, the appropriately titled: Survival Edition, and, lastly, the Post-Pandemic Edition. The survival edition, however will be the only major edition of the game I'll be profiling, Its sold out at retailers Gamestop and Amazon. Already scooped up the game? More power to you. It's one of the year's finest titles, or so I've gathered. Barring the inflated prices of the survival edition on the used game market. And taking into account the value proposition of special editions in general, it's not to shabby of a proposition.

You can purchase a copy for the inflated price, which falls in the realm of over one hundred dollars. You're a big spender, I know. Here's what's included in the survival edition: The Last of Us Survival Edition includes: *Full Size Hardcover Art Book by Dark Horse Comics, *The Last of Us: American Dreams Comic #1 with Variant cover, *Sights & Sounds Pack, *DLC voucher, *Steelbook Metal Box Packaging and *Naughty Dog Stickers." [http://www.amazon.com/video-games/dp/B00B3PEWQE] The price tag on this: $79.99. The DLC, comic book, and novelty steel box, which seals the game within its shell, don't do the edition justice, alone. However, it may be worth it for the soundtrack and art book alone. The art book, which is expansive sprinkles more value than any of the other included after market items. And the soundtrack, composed by Gustavo Santaolalla features tell-tale compositions that are suspenseful, and emotionally charged, track-to-track. Which resonate with the themes of the game.

The included comic book, being the first issue of the back-story of the game will provide more context to the game itself. That may be worth it as well. However, many consumers see value in what they perceive to be genuine value. You have to question to yourself now, and be honest. Do you consider yourself a die-hard fan of Naughty Dog?  Or, likely a scenario: you may be new to Naughty Dog games, and just getting your feet wet in this amazing developer's catalog of games. With all the hyperbole, are just riding the wave? Are you maybe, a collector? Collectors, and die-hard fans of Naughty Dog will see tremendous value in purchasing the survival edition. Its only an extra $20, but is currently sold out. Thus, if you're buying used, as a last resort, I can not recommend it. Besides, Naughty Dog has done an excellent job at geek-proofing this edition with a lot of goodies -- for a fair price. If you can hold off purchase of  the last of us edition to it is restocked at retail price, we urge you to get the most out a fabulous new ip, and examine the edition as an option. So what are you waiting for...oh yeah. Just buy the regular edition of the game today! You won't regret either purchase.

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