Weekend Grooves: Kanye West - "Hold My Liquor" Enjoy!

"Still ain't learn me no manners, you love me when I ain't sober, you love me when im hung over." It's Summer, and you're settling into your weekend. While cozying up to preparations for that Summer getaway, peep Kanye West's latest hit album: "Yeezus." It's jarring, unstifled, and unadulterated. Our culture has a penetrating way of crystallising the essence of the human psyche, in the shape of media. I can't imagine any better opportunity than now to get in touch with my senses; my inner-dwellings. To penetrate the surface for my own caveats. It is the one aspect of music I look foward to the most as a listener. Even if you're tepid about Hip-Hop, on some level, you'll find a track that resonates with you. Afterall, Kanye West is a magician with his craft, and it takes a magician to dispel wanderlust in ten tracks. In just ten tracks, the trappings of humans, the degradition of the soul, and the search to reassmeble the pieces are magnified. As unorthodox the beats sound, they resonate deliberately with me.

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