Cloud strife epic: part one of three

This the bad boy of this Midgar when I came on the train to a section to bomb a reactor. Merging with all the mako in the world was what I thought I'd want, yet it didn't seem to please me in that way it does.

Right off, I had an altercation with Barret, who steamed with rage in his stuffy posture.

The IRS could repossess AVALANCHES equipment.

The demons haunted him yet he didn't react in a boisterous way, I'd just give him some advice, he'd be better off just relaxing his mind. When I hitched the ride, I wasn't looking for friends, although they would think so.

It'd be my own leadership abilities put on the line again, I wasn't at one with the collective in my advent guarde realisation. Deep inside, I wavered back and fourth, unsure of myself but thought I'd hitch a ride to Midgar.

The platforms in the skies drowned all advancing weather. Forgot a past thought, immersed in the mercenary life. Got a hot tip from Tifa.

 Gawking at her boobies.

Read: I'd be better off earning money here now that I was out of SOLDIER although I didn't want to operate on hunches.

There was something of a look in her eyes that knocked away my fabrics, donned in these clothes been losing sleep. But the train ride here I had to make a splash.

Biggs, Wedge, Barret and Jessie agreed to these terms of the road, when we entered into the reactor confronting first the giant spider, we unsheathe our weapons, drawing them forthright.

To be continued...

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