After SCEE layoffs, Starship studios revealved

Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge, and SCE London Studio were all smacked with layoffs this week but that doesn't signal an end as every end to something leads to something else and Martin Kenwright, his new studio Starship studio was revealed.

Kenwright founded Evolution Studios and Digital Image Design and is voicing his mission statement. While this isn't directly related with the layoffs as the new studio was founded last year, it does show that UK gaming studios can still flourish under a fluctuating games market. One of them is Starship studios.

Their aims include entertainment and surprise, health. While health has been a booming market in the video games sector it does call into question whether these products are healthy for you than an actual product that benefits your health. Like exercise. Or watching the foods you eat and I'm looking at you Popeyes. All that chicken isn't good for you.

Here's what Martin Kenwright has to say about the reveal today: "The name Starship hints at the height of our ambitions," Kenwright stated to Games Industry. "Evolution and D.I.D paved the way for what we're doing now, we're aiming to disrupt the market with revolutionary products that fulfill a genuine use and need for consumers."

Thanks Destructoid for breaking the news. Stay tuned for more information on newly revealed Starship studios.Source: Destructoid

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