An interview with two local gamers: VCPI1989 and MentalGuerilla

In this piece, I go two on one with two local gamers whom both share a common thread -- a passion for video games, like many other enthusiastic gamers. MentalGuerilla is 20 years young, and hails from Chicago. VCPI1989 is 23, and he hails from Cleveland, Ohio. I interview them both to get there collective take on the culture of video games. Thus, shedding light on how the two differ in tastes, or contrasts, based on their residency. This interview is presented in a conversational tone.

Q: What games did you guys grow up on? 

VCPI1989: I grew up on Sega Genesis and the NES. Games that I grew up on are the Pokemon games. You know, Nintendo.
MentalGuerilla: I grew up on PS1, Super Nintendo, Gameboy Color, Advance, and the Sega Dreamcast. 
VCPI1989: Same here. The PS1, as soon as you booted it up, the Sony logo sounded creepy. If you played it in the dark, it was creepy and scary.
Me: That's a good observation. I never thought about it until now -- you're right, it did sound creepy. Especially being a child. 
MentalGuerilla: I was 15 still scared of the first Resident Evil.

Q: What's the gaming culture like where you guys live at?

VCPI1989: A lot of people play Xbox, which I don't care for anymore. I sold mine. Me and my brother both preordered the PlayStation 4. Digimon was popular. WWE Smackdown, wrestling games, Capcom versus Marvel, Metal Gear.
MentalGuerilla: Gaming culture in Chicago is like half of us enjoy video games, and everyone else prefers to go outside.There are a lot of Xbox and PlayStation players as well. On Facebook, the question asked by PS4 administrators was PS4 or Xbox One? The majority rule was the PS4. Popular games? WWE, Tekken, Marvel versus Capcom, Halo, the Last of US, Resident Evil, Hitman, and NBA 2K.

Q: What's your favorite games? 

VCPI1989: Madden. 
MentalGuerilla:  Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, Army of Two, Battlefield 3, and Mortal Kombat. 

VCPI1989 and Mental can both be found on the PlayStation 3, doing what they do best: tearing it up on their video games. If you'd like to get in contact with them, you can add MentalGuerilla and VCPI1989 on PSN.

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