Arcadias no Ikusahime, NIS' First Side-Scrolling RPG

Nippon Ichi Software divulged information to Famitsu about the company's upcoming side-scrollier. Arcadias no Ikusahime. Or, translated: "The Battle Princess of Arcadius" is NIS' foray into the side-scrolling action RPG genre. And is set to release on the PS3 Sept, 26 in Japan for 7,140 yen. Moreover, the game is but one of several projects the company has up its sleeves, commemorating their 20th anniversary. Further, the game features a variety of playable characters that you can recruit and control. The story is set on an Island that is recluse in the middle of the sea. Additionally, Pulum, a most titular princess must play exterminator to a monster infestation. The 2D side-scrolling RPG's battle system is team-based, with a variety of weapons and upgradables to muck around with. In fact, the game features over 900 uniquely designed, and upgradeable weapons. Each weapon possessing an element.

No word on a US release. However, importing may be an option.

Source: Polygon

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