Gamestop, EB games, and GAME prep shiny legendary Pokemon for fans

You can claim three exclusive Legendary Pokemon, courtesy of the Pok√©mon Company, at retailers GameStop and EB Games across North America; and GAME in the U.K. beginning in August. Shiny versions of Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina are the three Pokemon that can be claimed.

There will be a limited window in which you can aquire each Pokemon. So fans of the Pokemon games will need to bring into the stores their Nintendo DS or 3DS, along with a copy of Pokemon Black/ White or Pokemon Black/ White 2. The promotion will only run a tree-week period in the U.S.

Here are the dates for Dialga: U.S. (GameStop): Aug. 19-Sept. 8Canada (EB Games), U.K. (GAME): Aug. 30-Sept. 12

Here are the dates for Palkia: U.S. (GameStop): Sept. 9-Sept. 29Canada (EB Games), U.K. (GAME): Sept. 13-Sept. 26

Here are the dates for Giratina: U.S. (GameStop): Sept. 30-Oct. 20Canada (EB Games), U.K. (GAME): Sept. 27-Oct. 11

Source: Polygon

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