RedOctane joins Blue Goji to create social fitness game

RedOctane founders, Kai and Charles Haung are developing a new fitness game for a new platform aimed at mobile platforms. The makers of the hit series Guitar Hero want to provide fitness enthusiasts with a platform where they can be immersed in their workout routine, and create an experience more enjoyable and social.
Blue Goji, the new company aims to reinvent the way video games connect with our exercise equipment. The goal for Blue Goji is to create a new platform that will interface with exercise equipment to track user's progress. Further, the company is also looking for support from the development community. “Our goal is to help people lead healthier and more active lives by providing anyone across all fitness levels with a fun way to work out, one that is accessible and compelling to use,” Kai Huang said in a statement. “With Blue Goji, we’re developing a platform to support a variety of entertainment content that enables people to immerse themselves in their workout routines for a more enjoyable and social experience.” Source: Gamespot

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