Sony has announced Shadow of the Beast, a reboot of an old school side-scroller exclusively for the PS4

Sony has announced that Shadow of the Beast, an old school 1989 reboot of the Amiga side-scroller is set for an exclusive PS4 debut. Originally developed by Reflections interactive and published by Psygnosis in 1989, then later ported to the SNES and Megadrive, the game follows protagonist Aarbron.

Aarbron, whom has been kidnapped as a child, and corrupted with magic. He is forced by his will to serve his evil beast lord Maletoth, whom he later seeks revenge on. After regaining memories of his human life, he realises he was made to kill his own father. Heavy Spectrum Games, a new studio comprised of various developers spanning Need for Speed, Star Fox, Battlefield, and the Sims is tackling this newly envisioned and inspired reboot.

"Playing it conjured a world of mysteries, something that went beyond what was shown on the screen, a world where my imagination had cause to soar," Heavy Spectrum CEO and founder, Matt Birch stated on the EU PlayStation Blog. "Even when not playing, I couldn't help but wonder about the strange creatures and places I had seen, and ponder what further details would reveal themselves the next time I would play."
"We want to create a magical combination of unique combat and gameplay to enthrall you as a player, with a mystical world that can engage you as a person," he additionally stated. "Our vision of Karamoon is filled with beauty, brutality and mystery, whilst allowing you as the player an opportunity to try and piece together what happened to make it and its denizens the way they are."

Source: Eurogamer

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