Marcus "Notch" Perrson talks 0x10c development woes

The pressures to follow up your past successes can be a proposition marked in blood, sweat and tears. Thus, the creator of Minecraft, Marcus "Notch" Persson has expressed his desire to create smaller games.Persson's ambitious sci-fi title 0x10c, which takes place in the year AD 281,474,976,712,644 envisioned a virtual world with an advanced economy system, a working virtual computer and intergalactic battles.

The game, which has been put in the hands of community fans had been previously shelved completely by Persson. Persson had words about the developments, as he took to his blog.

"0x10c was quite ambitious, but I was fairly sure I could pull it off," he stated. "And besides, if I failed, so what? A lot of my prototypes fail way before they get anywhere at all. What I hadn't considered was that a lot more people care about my games now [than before Minecraft]. People got incredibly excited, and the pressure of suddenly having people care if the game got made or not started zapping the fun out of the project."

"I want to do smaller games that can fail."
As Persson's ambitions curtailed his passions for tweaking, he admitted that he hit creative blocks developing 0x10c. Further, his need to live up to fan's expectations proved to be detrimental to his own creativity — as a sapping force.

"I want to do smaller games that can fail," he iterated. I want to experiment and develop and think and tinker and tweak. I'll also keep talking to the players ... for whoever wants to listen, but for now I don't want to work on anything big."

Source: Polygon

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