Top 5 Valve Games

As the developers of the Half-Life series— featuring the Walter White of his time: Gordon Freeman — and more recently, the online-multiplayer battle arena game DOTA 2, Valve has not only revolutionised the first-person shooter genre, but they've also made it educational (Portal.) But what are the top 5 Valve games? Thats what we're here to find out.

I'll even scavenge for the best savings. Savings I know will go a long way.
5. Portal 2 checks in at number 5 on this robust list of AAA titles. And even 5 is illustrious. As the sequel to the first Portal game, Portal 2 released back in 2011 and sees protagonist Chell up against GLADOS. Portal is unique in that it's a puzzle-shooter.

Referring to the game, Newell stated that Valve "doesn’t see divide between making a game that can do well and be educational."

It's available on Steam for $19.99, on PC for $19.88, on PlayStation 3 for $25.16 and on Xbox 360 for $19.36.

4. Developed by Valve, Dota 2 is the sequel to the Defense  the Ancients mod. Which is developed by IceFrog. Two opposing 5-player teams duke it out to destroy an Ancient, which is invulnerable till the game's objectives are completed, in an online battle-arena. The game is lauded for its rewarding gameplay, and in this sequel, Valve has bolstered its production values.

It's available on Steam and is free to play.

3. Left 4 Dead 2 snags the number 3 spot, and features a new cast of characters and a new setting. Although it's still that zombie shooter-up that you know and love, with that AI you hate to love. It's number three on the list because it stands out from other first-person shooters in a time where Call of Duty dominates the charts. Overcrowded as the genre may be.

It's available on Steam for $19.99, on Xbox 360 for $19.20 and PC for $20.45.

2. Set 20 years after the events of the first game, Half-Life 2 sees players in the role of Gordon Freeman, whom returns from an induced stasis by G-man to combat a alien and human faction known as the Combine. The player will meet with Eli and his daughter Alyx Vance as they work together to fight this faction back. The game's development spanned 6 years and was filled with delays. You will love this game if you love the high tension of a zombie flick set on a futuristic dystopia Earth. Due to it's sheer technological ambition, the game lands on number 2.

It's available on Steam for $9.99, on the PlayStation 3 for $39.49 and Xbox 360 as part of the Orange Box series for $26.42.

1. What set Team Fortress Classic apart from other games was the  objective-based gameplay and class system. Game modes include Capture the Flag and Football game modes, and with it's roulette like class system, the game shined at a time when linear games like Doom was popular. The game precedes Valves's later efforts: Team Fortress 2, and not only is the game a classic but it has been named in 2008 as "one of the ten most played Half-Life modifications," according to Gamespy.com.

It is available on Steam for $4.99.

These games will be great values, and great additions to anyone's gaming collection. If you're serious about your gaming habits. Like me. If you're not, that's fine. You still got me. If you think a game should be added to this list, drop a comment. I'd love to know what you think. Good day, ladies and gents.

Note: All price figures are taken from Amazon.com and Steam.com.

Value: "Great Value!"

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