Saints Row the Third Review

Saints Row the Third is exhilarating. What it isn't is remarkable. What it isn't is Grand Theft Auto V.

The gameplay is  exciting  and versatile. You and your Saints crew inadvertently tip off the local Police, whom are alerted to your bank robbery and surround the building, in an attempt to take out you and your Third Street Saints, although to their surprise, you blast your way through and the crew escapes in a helicopter, destroying the building and literally taking it apart brick-by-brick.

There's weapons: hand guns, rifles, shotguns — specialty guns, such as rocket launchers; and side-weapons such as grenades, electric grenades and molotovs. As you amass cash and boost your reputation by plowing through main and side missions, you'll unlock upgrades for your arsenal. From customisable vehicles to property  to buy, gang territory to dominate,  you're going to have your hands full. So welcome to Steelport city.

I had a chance to play the co-op mode with my ex-girlfriend, which is  a mismatch of objectives that kept us glued to the screen, but I feel that while the game does entertain, it lacks depth. There's only so many times you can laugh at the ridiculous and the mode doesn't deviate from a formulaic beat-em-up with its waves of enemies .

At the conclusion of the game, there's a wavering feeling of accomplishment, but it  does not hurt that you can blast your way through the story mode with a co-op partner.

I cannot understate how entertaining the game is. The game's storyline is not spectacular. It is comical, but the drawback here is that the game is a satire of other games, which is deflating to the game's individuality, although it doesn't let up one bit.

While the characters don't take themselves too serious, characterization hits it's lowest altitude when stereotypes abound. You'll be at home if you come in to the game with a carefree attitude. After all, SR3 doesn't pretend to be a Grand Theft Auto clone, so it's fair to say then that the game holds it's own in regards to the competition in this genre. The last mission was chaotic and it just all went to shit, but without a strong plot, it seems it was going through gastric motions.

An alternate ending is unlocked  if you beat the game twice. I played the game once and now I'm just collecting things and boosting my reputation by completing side-mission. There's a plastic surgeon, there's territory to take over, cars to upgrade and with so many activities, you'll be hooked for a while like a porno, which is apt because the game throws everything at you except the kitchen sink. You can even skydive.

There's many allies you'll accrue over the course of the game such as Oleg and Zimos. And as you delve deeper into the game you'll be given a tank and a Vito, which is an airship that houses a laser underneath it's beak. Saints Row the Third is bold and borderline addicting, if you can get past the niggles here and there. I upgraded my reputation to 44 last time I played. The game is available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Score: 8/10

Price: The game is available for $19.99 on PC, $19.34 on Xbox 360, and $19.09 on PS3. There is a Full Package edition available that includes 3 downloadable mission packs and 30 bonus DLC items. The Full Package edition is available for $29.99 on PC, for $23.45 on the 360, and for $24.48 on the PS3.

Value: "Good Value"

Off the record: If there's one thing I found annoying were the missions and how familiar they were. I felt like I've been there, done that. The characters are not memorable. Zimos being the exception.  Gotta love them pimps.

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