Weekend Grooves: Everything Everything - "Schoolin'" Enjoy!

Tis the weekend, guys. Of course, that can mean only one thing: Weekend Grooves. This week's Weekend Grooves features a British band, Everything Everything. The quartet hail from Manchester, United Kingdom. Chock full of ambition, and a very, very, distinct sound, Everything Everything draws inspiration from Nirvana, Radiohead, the Beatles, Destiny's Child, and R. Kelly. Yet bring an unorthodox, electric sound to the fray. Further, Jonathan Higgs, Jeremy Pritchard, Michael Spearman, and Alex Robertshaw make up the quartet. Jonathan Higgs: "We think of it as pop primarily. We try not to make it sound like a lot of things you’ve heard before, not on purpose but it tends to come out a bit like that. We’re not really interested in copying certain genres or anything, so I guess you’d say it’s unpredictable and sort of surprising." Again, I like this tack because I can easily bop my head to it. I also get a lot of WTF moments from bystanders. Additionally, their music is rich, spacey, with airy rhythms.

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