You've Been Reading While I Was on the Toilet 6/16

Come one, come all, the circus is in town. Except, I'm the circus, juggling video game news. In brief, It's been another thrilling week, that's now down the latrine. Thus, I present to you, reader, the week's top 5 news headlines ending, June,16. First, "The Xbox One Reminds Me of the Failed PlayStation X." By the same token, the article reminds me of the industry's inclination towards the past. Second, "The Decaying of Video Game Movies" has me pondering where the movie industry is headed with beloved video game franchises. Third, in writing "What's It to Ya? Microsoft's E3 Grade," I critque this past week's Microsoft E3 conference. Fourth up, readers have been curious about "The Man Behind the PS4." Mark Cerny has brought talent and brains to many franchises. Lastly, in writing up "What's It to Ya? Sony's E3 Grade," I critique Sony's recent E3 press conference, with good results. I hope you've enjoyed this week's news digest. If not, try a laxative.

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