Imagine PlayStation Home on PlayStation 4

Now that the PS4 is out in the wild, there's no sign of PlayStation Home on the console but we cannot rule out the possibility. It's rumored to land on the the console but what would it be like on the next generation console? Some things don't work, true and as an ambitious project to begin with, it was sure to have it's ups and downs. I see a wild world out there on Sony's next generation console. You know, Pokemon?

Isn't that what Home has turned into over the years? By no means was it a game itself, although most would refer to it as such, and collectibles run rampant on Home now and users are still using it, with items being offered weekly to entice more people to use it.

Was it a total failure in hindsight? I don't think so. What can be built on the PS4 is a vast community to connect like-minded gamers to each other on Home. The modernization of the application has to take priority because it still jags on the eyes like when it first launched.

All is not lost, although most people could care less about the application but that has to do with the advances in social media. Since the application first launched, we have Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the countless other social media outlets.

My take is that Home needs to integrate with more social media. Imagine if you could type something on Home, while updating your status on Facebook at the same time, or maybe you and your friends meet on Home, you could then add each other on Facebook, PSN, and follow each other on Twitter. There's many advances in the technology, yet Home doesn't take advantage of any of it.

What Home is good for is groups and community, although most groups are formed for their own entertainment. They are not gone for good. Most just need a hook to keep them entertained. The possibility for developers to connect at a more local level is a great advantage. It seems like I'm pitting Home against the juggernauts of social media. No. Home has it's own hook: video games.

Imagine this tagline: "A create it yourself video game social network." Empower the users so they can voice their own opinions about the video games they play on or off of Home. Simplicity is what's needed. A polling system would work out great; also, contests. Most of things have appeared on Home before but what needs reinforcing, is the community.

I imagine that most people who use Home are interested in groups in some shape or form. That's the ticket. Clan competitions, awards, and rewards for group efforts. If it's competitive, it may fuel more of that fire that burns deeply in gamer's hearts. Works for the NFL. As a user myself I've noticed casual users come on to decorate yet not join groups. That's why I advocate a more open community, where do-it-yourself (DIY) is promoted.

There can be many outcomes of this. Rewards for decorating, rewards for passionate gamers, whom will not be judged whatsoever and are free to express themselves. By arranging a do-it-yourself I can help others in some way, connecting to others on that basis. Think of it as charity.
When a new user joins PlayStation Home, he's bombarded by the people, the differences in cultures and the verbal battles, although the verbal battles we're what alienated most people in the first place.

Here's my idea, you connect one person to another on the basis of charity, that users are rewarded for, ensuring a community that sticks together and plays together. Improve  the user interface and empower the users to create their own spaces. Forget about personal spaces or clubs.

I'm talking about entire spaces you can design yourself and invite your friends. There's no feeling of a united community because there's no emphasis on it. Let's get Home on PS4, it's promising.

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