The video games are a lie

My memories lay on the shelf —tattered —with the old wintery emotions — the old self-fulfilling prophecies. Further, my favorite past time is getting lost in these uncharted video game worlds, without needing to justify it. Unhealthy as that may sound, it was a profound occurrence.

I feel like these video games have been a lie. And understanding our contemporary desires and collective impulses is calling us all to an arduous task. Amid myriad collective desires and impulses — a vacuum of angst — it can be time consuming and confusing. I alternate between having them dialed towards social media and the electronics industries. Social media is like an altered state of reality, similar to video games. Others like me, however alternate between knowing what they desire, and the prostitution of the mind to fulfil any and all desires. These desires include sex, or the lack thereof, drugs, money, happiness, sadness, depression, and gluttonous entertainment. Although my feet are planted firmly in the gravel, I'm traversing, aimlessly amongst this world of video games alone. So, it can prove to be hypnotizing to the undeveloped mind. Do they not include these wide-eyed children, or these entranced adults? After all, they have to grow up in this world that is sprouting out of the seeds we're sowing. Whether that is transcendental or a detriment is contingent on our correct assumption of this new world. Whether or not, we are to benefit is also contingent on our correct reaction. Problem solving can alleviate much stress. So, let's assess some problematic situations involving video games.

Here are two examples of how one might temper these flames of desires in two illustrative situations.

You've found out that video games are holding your children back from concentrating on their school work. Their guidance counselors recognizes that your child is withdrawing from his schoolwork and peers. A puzzling scenario. What does the persistent parent do in this situation; and, how can you confront your children about this? Don't lose hope! I can relate to a kid like John. John wasn't so shy in his youth. He stopped associating with others at a level that permitted him to excel at group activities, and projects requiring the effort of a team fail upon deaf participation. It was his mindset that challenged his confidence and perceptions. He felt he was isolated from the world because he couldn't relate. In his isolation, he fell on old habits — his video games. But, there's value in these associations. They can help your kids get a good grade, gain some needed self-esteem,  and they also learn the value and spirit of a team. A much improved perception. Additionally,John asserted himself at a young age, but, was often told no. Children's desires become your desires. Their 'way' is troublesome if it becomes a behavioral pattern. Kids soak up good and bad habits like the common cold. Consequently, they can carry these habits with them until they reach a ripe old age. Take an active role in your child's development.
You know you've had a few too many shots, when you cannot discern which game you are playing. Those shots do sound good to me, especially in a social context. So, how do you cope in a social context, with no clearly defined rules? Seeing as all your buddies are also gaming buddies, you get drunk anyways. It's a social occasion all of a sudden. You're impartial, and everyone is drinking. But you can go to extremes, and forget it's just an occasion. You may not know how to cope when you are not aware of the damage you have done. Bob, who was not drinking; but, nonetheless,  he was involved in the spirit of things! It's an occasion. He, like you got into this spirit. But he was not as enthusiastic about the name calling. He was embarrassed for three days after, and he didn't talk to anyone. A certain measure of tact is necessary to cope with interpersonal contacts. Your buddy may have been having a rocky night, and marital issues. Jane, his girlfriend of 4 years, from down the street was not too happy with the house cleaner. On the other hand, you're empathetic. You want to make up for it, but don't know how to. We all have our limits. Our eternal poisons are more pronounced to ourselves and others. It doesn't mean passing the buck. It means owning up to your shortcomings, or whoever else's.

We have to develop other healthier patterns to cope daily. There was point in time I lost all awareness. My fantasy consisted of slaying dragons and screwing hookers. As you can tell, these messages have been prevalent though out my life time. I know you struggle sending the right messages to your kids. Juggling these messages can be arduous in the face of your teenage children, whom develop more destructive patterns. Don't let the video games raise your kids at a young age then. Encourage more books, more family time, and get better in touch with their hopes, desires, dreams and wishes.

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