Let's Watch Someone Play Pokemon Yellow with *Fan Fiction*

Pokemon Yellow, you devoured my fragile heart as kid. However, now I'm a grown man, and see the world through different lenses. "I'm the king of the world!" -- PALLET TOWN: My small room is perched high above a medium-sized, two-story house, that also contains a living room and a kitchen. Mom, I'm in my room, getting ready. I've pictured this moment in my head a million times. I knew I couldn't escape the allure of such a Journey, as I vowed to chip away at my ordinary existence. I said Mournin' to my mom, as she hunched over for a warm embrace. Red has  left his home, and he did not know when he would return. I headed out to the route hastily, but was stopped mid-track by none other than Professor OAK. Before my eyes he fought the ferocity of a wild Pikachu with skill. " 'The Greatest Pokemon Master of All Time,' they'll say." As I dotted, on our way back to professor OAK's finely nestled laboratory . Unbeknownst to me, I would quickly learn about the "ropes" that same day.

 The Pokeball glowed and shined like someone had spit-shined it. Blue bull-dozed aggressively into me -- pushing me aside...Blue! What are -- I'll be taking this, Red! Blue declared. You can wipe that smirk off your face because I am not in a laughing mode. Ugh, I was tired of Blue, I thought. Ya' know what, let's battle, Red! Red hadn't battled anyone at that point. I'll battle you, Blue -- If I win, do not cause anymore trouble for me! "I will not battle you for points, no..no. Not even for status. you are nothing to me, Red." You betrayed me once before. I won't repeat that mistake again, Blue said coldly. The professor couldn't interfere because Blue was his grandson.

By my estimates, Blue was a menacing figure. It didn't help is grandfather was professor OAK; and he terrorized me and the other kids. The professor dipped into his bag, and told me about the Pokemon he caught earlier that day. He gave the Pokemon to me, then I looked to Blue and we battled. He had an Evee and I had a Pikachu. Suddenly, excitement ran through my system. My new Pikachu hit Evee, striking like lightning with a few thunderbolts. Which drained most of Evee's HP.  "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." I had to make sure I drew the line between friend and rival; I wanted to at least, but my nerves got the best of me that day, and I really didn't want to add more to an already  heated altercation. Blue peered at me with the stoniest gaze; it was almost as if he was sizing me up. I was very uncomfortable with his intensity. So I let the Pokemon do the talking, and I won the battle with my new Pikachu to Blue's dismay. Blue rampaged out the door -- only stating, that he was gonna get better, as he slammed the doors shut.

 I left the professor after assisting him with the clean up of the mess Blue had made in his rage. I looked at Pickachu, excitedly. However, he was despondent. I was devastated. I thought it was my fault for such a bad first impression. We would have to get along, either way. We headed to Viridian City.

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