Comcast Launches EcoSaver and Muni-fi Hotspot for Xfinity

As the NBA heats up, so are the announcements prior to WWDC and E3. Kabletown Comcast has announced via press release that the internet provider will be launching a public WIFI channel to its Wireless Gateway Hardware. This addition will enable your finely nestled home to allow for muni-fi hotspot for customers of Xfinity. You won't lose out on bandwidth although. No...the muni-fi hotspot works by allowing existing Comcast customers to sign-in on another's modem with the account's username and password. Any bandwidth gobbled up applies only to your account's existing bandwidth limit. Additionally, Comcast will also help you monitor the temperature in your scorching-hot man-cave with EcoSaver for Xfinity Home. EcoSaver is a cloud-based solution that'll turn your thermostat down when its scorching-hot, or on fire. Press release at the source.

Source: Engadget

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