New 3DS Streetpass DLC update hits North America

Last night Nintendo rolled out an auspicious update, that carried within it the 3DS Streetpass DLC update that North American users have been waiting for.

The four new Streetpass games include Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior's Way, and Monster Manor. Each game will run you $4.99 each, although, you can pick up a value bundle that includes all four titles, and save money on one extra game for $14.99. Mii Force is a side-scrolling game, Flower Town is a garden sim, Warrior's Way is an army construction game, and Monster Manor is a mystery game involving ghosts.

The 3DS's Streetpass service allows users to share features, and keep track of other users's games, barring they are within local range of each other. Nintendo president Iwata has stated previously that 200,000 3DS owners around the world have scooped up at least one Streetpass game.

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