Sony to Microsoft on Xbox One 180: "Better late than never"

Microsoft, its better late than never, for never is but late. Sony had more than a few words to brandish towards Microsoft, after the two's E3 press conferences took place a little under a month ago. Tretton, in an interview with IGN's Up at Noon states: “it was day one of a ten-year battle.” In response to the assertion of a swift victory at E3. Jack Tretton was a prominent presenter at E3.

The Xbox One wasn't a threat to Sony's vision, due to confidence in their vision for the upcoming home console. "You don’t know how you’re going to be positioned against your competition, and you can’t spend a lot of time being an armchair quarterback. You’ve got to execute that vision, and we felt good about it regardless of where our competition came in.” Tretton stated, “And I think lower is better than high. We learned that with PlayStation 3.”

Tretton was also questioned about the Xbox One's 180. "We spent 5 years listening to consumers, day in and day out. I guess they got the message."

Source: IGN

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