Video Game Grooves: "One Winged Angel" - Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy VII spanned many territories, and emotional horizons and peaks. The game took us into the heart, and imagination of its production. Thus, One Winged Angel resonates with us, and it does so powerfully; if not profoundly. After you've defeated the first stage of Sephiroth's transformation, at the close of the game, you face Safer Sephiroth, a more formidable Sephiroth transformation. Its an epic song that never dulls the senses, and is a standout track because in the lyrics, there is a probe into Sephiroth's suffereing, and plight as the embodiment of the planet's Mako energy. An arduous mission he undertakes.

So, what more could we want from a unique game, but a unique track. One Winged Angel is it. Taking ques from Rock and orchestra music, the song encapsulated the struggle Cloud faced against Sephiroth the entire game. It is unflinchingly remembered and repeated. Being inspired by the Psyco theme, the track was an experimental one. And it wasn't planned to be as eventful as it was.

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