Sony's shifting focus to the US is long overdue

As the PlayStation 4's release date approaches, we reminisce on the good, bad and grotesque of the PlayStation 3's marketing in the West. Sony has neglected the West, in fact. And rather than go toe to toe with rival Microsoft on their home turf, they've plunged in without a plan of action.

Sony is also restructuring because of failure. We can grant humility to the moral man. If the CEO will not admit wrongdoing, then he rots at the head. If Sony will not get along with the West, who will?

I believe that the broadest strokes tell all tales; and, the West, was once a place to reside. Sony is beckoning the question now. As charged up fans wait in eagerness for a clairvoyant, the sea of opinion ripens open. The marketplace, however is not doomed. As if the mind imitated flesh, and fans entertain thoughts of decay. Which reminds me of a slow rotting away of the orchard tree of creativity. While corporate executives —many whom have clamored for approval themselves, deny the masses briefly. As if to repay the debt later. But they fail to realise that the marketplace needs a transfusion, and it needs one now.

Although the brain-fund responsible for the PlayStation 4 (Mark Cerny,) while capable and fine, warns us. And the West reinforces this: influence has a price. When Sony tore down the walls for publishers, it was in a state of union. What washed up in a sea of backlash and melodrama was humility. Do we not need to embrace our brethren, and unite the union, if but  under cloak and veil? The challenges we face dare to test us all. Thus, embrace cooperation, or else...embrace the walking dead video game consoles.

The West is to be won honorably, for we shoot ourselves in the head, as the marketing deals were not the only poison. The West won't back down,  nor wonder or wait. In your absence, you've been adopted —replaced. The world is in unrest with no avenue to express its unconscious need for oneness, for the nether oceans no few boundaries. What is a testament to innovation is the backing and support of a community. A gently lit torch. Think about something like Kickstarter. What has ripened instead, through insight was of the awareness, that businesses were more concerned with ripping you off. Often, in creative ways.

Xbox's success in the Western market is not contradictory to Microsoft's motives (a larger chunk of the market.) Not unlike our historical monuments, Halo and Gears of War stand unflinchingly. And Microsoft, whose competitors include the like of Apple forged an identity in this realm. In this day and internet age, we have not longed enough for enlightenment, revelation, insight, and inquiry. Long gone are those days. There is no Leman brothers collapse, but in forging ahead, to rekindle the bricks to the establishment, there exists an eloquence of expression of your own futuristic creation.

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