Tupac Believed in Astrology

Astrology, horoscopes, natal charts, synastry charts, aspects, the planets are all key words used to describe some of what astrology's concentrations are, but it doesn't cover everything. Tupac believed in Astrology. Yes. with his myriad interests, the man who attended the Baltimore School for the Arts indulged in many areas such as acting, poetry, jazz, and ballet, resulting in careers ranging from rapper, and actor to socially conscience activist. Who is Tupac? He happens to be a Gemini with a fiery Aries moon, gifting him with versatility, a way with words, and a strong sense of purpose. On the surface, this may not mean much to you, nor would it mean much based on superficial knowledge of astrology, but let's probe deeper and study the aspects prominent in his chart to put the pieces of his psyche together.

The man, the myth, the legend; Tupac, 2Pac, or Machiavelli, whom has to date sold over 75 million albums worldwide was born on June 16, 1971 in New York City, but later moved to Baltimore then to Oakland. His natal birth chart consists of predominantly air signs and these air signs include a Gemini sun, mercury, and Venus; an Aquarius mars, and a Libra in Uranus trining his Gemini and Aquarius planets. For those not hip to the ancient esoteric astrology lingo, trines represent harmonious aspects. Aspects formed among the planets in your chart may create harmonious or difficult aspects. Essentially, not all signs work well together, so you'll need better tools to work around difficult aspects. Tupac's Taurus is in the planet Saturn is trining his Virgo in Pluto. Scorpio is in the planet Jupiter. Tupac's fiery Aries moon and his Neptune in Sagittarius also form a trine aspect.

Think of Astrology as positive and negative charges; actually, that's exactly what they are, beginner astrologer. Ying and Yang. Polarities. A type of energy that feeds on other energies or starves by them; either stimulating or repulsing each other. This esoteric knowledge comes from the Mayans, however astrology as a way to predict the future has been popularized in recent years with horoscopes, but they are only a morsel piece of astrology. Tupac's airy Gemini Sun fans and spreads the fiery emotional flames of the Aries moon in an aspect called the Sextile. Think of the Sextile aspect as a flowing river. Tupac may have actually seemed more emotional than he actually was because his Gemini Sun -- his self expression -- the soul is rather more inclined to intellectualism, reasoning, and logic than it is to emotions, however the energies from his sun and moon are working together well, and most importantly, the moon represents emotion and is associated with the heart. INTENSE.

He rapped about issues such as social reform, violence, and poverty in the inner city, and the intensity of the emotional turmoil that it caused him can be felt on songs such as "Brenda's Got a Baby," "Changes," and "Keep Ya Head Up." His lyrics reflected the fading out of an era which saw drastic reforms in a number of areas for African Americans rooted in black nationalism and principles of liberty. Which Martain Luther King Jr, Molcolm X, and the Black Panther party were significant figures of. Tupac's known ties to the Black Panthers is well documented, as his mother: Afeni Shakur was a member of the movement herself and Tupac shared those ideals vigorously.

Tupac's more difficult aspects include Jupiter opposition Saturn; and here's what [http://astromatrix.org] has to say about this aspect: "The opposition from Jupiter to Saturn indicates that you fluctuate between knowing what you are worth and having grave doubts of your value."  Along with the difficulties faced when Jupiter opposes Saturn, Tupac's natal Neptune is inopposition to his Sun creating turbulence: "The opposition between Neptune and the Sun can stimulate a distorted and self-deluding perspective of reality, which tends to create additional problems and obstacles in your life and decision-making." After being shot five times at Quad Studios in New York City by unknown assailants, Tupac immediately made accusations of being set up by Sean Combs and Biggie Smalls -- his main competitors.

Neptune opposition to mercury: "Similar to the square aspect, there are indications of an inability to distinguish clearly between the real and the unreal, and of a blockage of the creative and imaginative faculty." Neptune opposition to Venus: "Whilst the square is associated with inner changes being stimulated by the pain of inner tension and frustration, the focus of the opposition is usually projected externally onto people and the world, from which it is often reflected back again as a source of conflict."

Source: [http://astromatrix.org]

Tupac was never afraid to speak his mind even when faced with adversity, denying charges of sexual assault; however, Tupac was found guilty of molestation charges. He was convicted on the sexual assault charges, and on February 6, 1995, a judge sentenced him to 1½–4½ years at Clinton Correctional Facility prison -- stalling his rising acting and rapping careers respectively. Some movies he had starring roles in included Above the Rim, Poetic Justice, and Juice. Tupac teamed up with Suge Knight and Deathrow Records after being released on bail -- pending an appeal, and at the pinnacle of his career. Suge Knight was described as a father figure to Tupac, whom Tupac referred to as the Godfather. However money issues would soon cause a riff in the relationship, and maybe explains Tupac's erratic behavior leading up to his death in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996. After attending Mike Tyson's boxing match versus Bruce Seldon at the MGM accompanied by Suge Knight and Deathrow entourage, he was caught on camera alongside of Suge Knight engaging in an altercation with Compton Crip gang member: Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson. Suge Knight would later be sentenced to prison for violating terms of his parole. On September 7, 1996, Tupac would be shot multiple times later that same night and fatally wounded by unknown assailants -- Biggie would be murdered just a year later amidst a purported East Coast West Coast beef.

With Tupac's astrological make up, we can see a very courageous, humanitarian, philosopher, and fun loving person who had difficulties interpreting others intentions and motivations. His erratic behavior could be chalked up to his own lack of confidence and a disillusioned reality he faced with the utmost of bravery. 2Pac was no ordinary man, as he envisioned in his music the poverty, violence and decadence that would continue to stricken the life of those without voices; and he became a martyr for them and others who also envisioned change.


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