Sonic The Lost World Debut Trailer; Wii U, 3DS Exclusive

More remnants from the past emerge. Sonic: The Lost World reminds us of something. Sonic is learning. Trying to imitate its more mature, cancelled, ex-brother of a game: Sonic Extreme. Sonic: The Lost World's trailer shows us all of the amazing feats in-store.

 Sega's next installment of Sonic Lost World will certainly be a calling card. A calling card for those peeps -- maybe your wide circle of facebook friends too. Who happen to hate your guts behind closed doors. They grew up in the nineties. They're familiar with Sega. But, maybe you didn't receive the memo. As, Nintendo and Sega have partnered-up for a business deal. A three-game-deal. The deal includes the Sonic: The Lost World, of course. It also includes one mysterious, yet-to-be-revealved Sonic game; and the fourth serving of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. The game is set to fall in your lap, on the 3DS and the Wii U this year, exclusively. In Sonic Xtreme, Sonic had the ability to walk onto walls. Thus transitioning the level's perspective.

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