North America PlayStation Store Update 5/28

This week's Playstation Store Update brings witth it new games. They include a pre-order reserve of the Last of Us digital version -- which CDG's preview of will go up sometime this week. Grid 2 races in at $59.99; along with newely-released Fuse. Available at the same price. The PSN side of the spectrum includes titles: Wolfenstien 3D for $4.99; and Mountain Crime: Requital for $14.99. PS2 classics include: The warriors PS2 version for the PS3. Bring out the Mozart in you, and synthesize your own music on the PS Vita with Imaginstruments. Lastly, the PlayStation Plus Update includes: Hamilton’s Great Adventure – PS Plus Price: $2.50; Drawer Slasher – PS Plus Price: $4.19; Germinator – PS Plus Price: $5.99; and Germinator PS3 & PS Vita Bundle – PS Plus Price: $5.99. You can find the full list of updates at the playstation blog -- > here: [http://blog.us.playstation.com/2013/05/28/playstation-store-update-293/]

Source: The PlayStation Blog

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