Sony Giving Up Cash Bonuses Amid Fiscal Year Report

In a move that is considered "unprecedented," forty Sony executives including Sony CEO: Kaz Harai will be giving up their cash bonuses in lieu of their 2013 Fiscal Year Report. Sony are rumored to be netting a profit of "$403 million dollars." The relinquished financial bonuses are expected to shave off 1.0 Billion Yen, or 10 million USD dollars. Last year, seven Sony executives gave up their cash bonuses. Expect to hear more about Sony's 2013 fiscal year reports on May 9th. The unprecedented move is expected to relieve some stresses, as Sony's electronics section faces slumps, a "slowing of demand in key export markets," and fierce competition from other manufacturers; and remains entrenched in losses. Sony sees itself coming into the black after four years in the red.


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