Video Game Libido

"JANE: What do you want to do, hun, play a game? JOHN: No. I don't really feel like it tonight, dear. I have to wake up early tomorrow mourning to head into work. If I played with you tonight I know I would be obsessed by *it*; and It'll drive me batty not being able to engross myself in more important affairs. JANE: MORE important affairs, huh?? -- JOHN: Yeah. *The Next Day* JANE: Hey! Will you help me beat this? JOHN: No. I really don't have the time to help you at the moment. I have to write this article for my gaming blog: www.coupdegracecdg.com. How's it going, anyhow? JANE: Its going just marvelous! I can't beat it by myself! JOHN: Well, OK. Just a forewarning: I know you're very much so into playing with multiple players, but I really don't have the pizzazz tonight to play with you...and are you being sarcastic?... *long pause* Read more.

JOHN: So I'm going to put you on pause, OK? JANE: Pause!? You Better Not Touch that Button! Or I'll erase our progress. JOHN: Look, please understand. Its just that over the years my passion has dwindled in my preoccupation with work. Its not you, its me. JANE: Maybe I should just traffic myself out on the streets, or post up an ad of my *goods* online, on Craigslist! *Distraught, John makes an appointment with a Psychologist, looking for answers* JOHN: I don't know what went wrong, doctor. I really am dumbfounded. What is Libido? DOCTOR: It is a type of instinct or energy that lays dormant in the unconscious part of your psyche. The need to put restraints on sexual desires, or your Libido can do you harm, as the energy then manifests as ego defenses. Thus leading you to deny or dissipate the energies to other areas. These blocked or unchanneled energies can also lead to Neurosis.

JANE: We were used to enjoying ourselves every evening after he came home from work till about six months ago. And although he received a promotion at work, he has little to no desire to play with me. I feel its affecting our relationship. DOCTOR: What do you think about all of this, John? JOHN: I don't know doctor. I've been feeling that I've had no desire to participate because I'm just not attracted to the roles we play; the *four-play* is lacking in variety; and it almost seems like a chore to chug through thick and  empty plot holes. Its exhausting.

JOHN: And its not that I don't like to to see what's going on in my disc tray from time time; and it may be a little dusty, but all of my energy is spent at work. I work over 40 hours per week. DOCTOR: The perfect solution for all of your problems would be to try and spend as much time away from work as possible so you can relax and unwind. And try to think about your mate's needs also. Lest we forget that a healthy relationship involves COMPROMISE. JANE: So where do you want to go tonight, Hun? Haunted caves, Nepal, snowy mountains, or to a basketball game? JOHN: Hmm. I like those options, I think we should head through some *haunted caves* together. JANE: There also happens to be another player that would like to play with *us.* How do you feel about that? JOHN: I like that idea. Three players sounds like a plan. JANE: I love you, hun. JOHN: I love you too, PS3."

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