Apple I Computer Discovery Lands Owner Money on Christie's Auction

Apple I computers first swooned the market well over three decades ago. That's not going to prevent them from still moving units, however. Not in this day and age. From now until July 9, you can hand in your bid for a fully functional Apple Computer I. Courtesy of Christie's. The auctioned off Computer has a starting bid of $300,000. Then, would you believe the Apple Computer I was first introduced at $5,000.00? The estimated value on this relic is $500,000. And given the ludicrous record-breaking figures ($671,400) of another relic, bids are expected to exceed the estimated value. The Apple I comes modified. The keyboard, and monitor, specifically. With a tape-deck used for storage. Yet the only omission to the modifications is the motherboard. The only original strap of hardware. Folk all over the country are making quick-get-rich discoveries, right in their backyard. Have you canvassed yours?

Source: Engadget

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