You've Been Reading While I Was on the Toilet 6/23

Another week of articles to siff through; and, plow through the top 5 articles we shall, semi-thoroughly. Oh. Don't mind me, my butt is just glued to the toilet, reading. What have you been up to? Cool. In this week of You've Been Reading While I Was on the Toilet, we peer closely -- not too close now -- I'm fearful of most anything contagious. Laughter for instance. It upsets the stomach tremendously. First, Save You Sum Money: Is The Last of Us Survival Edition Worth It? An article I wrote with the sole intent to save you some damn money on the Last of Us Survival Edition. What a gem of a game. Second, what do we have here: The Decaying of Video Game Movies. You've all been gobbling up the words in this article, with speed. It's a cool article that I enjoyed writing. Fourth, did you hear? Dead Rising 3 Announced for the Xbox One, and it is an exclusive (?) Microsoft is not leaving any stone unturned. Lastly, lemme ask you: What's It to Ya? Sony's E3 Grade, find out here. Thank you for joining me this week.

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