Assassin's Creed creator envisions a digital future

Patrice Désilets, Assassin's Creed creator envisions a digital industry. Désilets, today discussed AAA games and their digital future, among other topics, at a Gamelab conference in Barcelona, Spain. Although, games, especially next-gen ones, will receive bigger budgets, they're here to stay. He believes that the distribution channels, however will veer towards digital distribution.

"Right now we are at a crossroads in our industry," Désilets stated. "But I don't believe the AAA blockbuster will die. Maybe the way it is distributed will change, but it won't die."

"Yeah, games come on disc, and I get it guys you were really pissed off," he further added "But, deep down, nobody cares about not having CDs any more. The future is digital, and there's nothing you can do about it."

His sentiments mirrors other content providers, and their digital strategies.

Source: Gamespot

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