Download firmware 4.46 to unbrick your PS3

"To be, or not to be." That's a question PS3'ers are posing to Sony. Firmware 4.45 wrecked an otherwise sturdy, (mine's a dust magnet,) tall dark tower of plastic. It's delicate; fragile even. Firmware 4.46, however looks to relive you of those few lonely nights, snuggled up with a brick, with the latest and greatest in firmware updates.

 It's like a doorknob, in that, you can't be certain how many germs are on it -- you don't care. You turn it anyways, yet still your uncertain. That was a crude analogy, but these are becoming crude, periodic updates.

Sony has a toe-to-the-line process that is distilled in three steps. Upon, downloading firmware 4.46 (via USB method,) you'll have enter safe mode on your PS3, then, proceed with the installation.

This is a simple, yet roundabout method to unbricking your PS3.

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