Gotta Jones for Limbo? Its Cross-Buy Compatible on the PS Vita

The puzzle-platformer Limbo will now be cross-buy compatible. The two games: Limbo PS3 and Limbo PS Vita will interact in a non-devious manner -- but, rather in a totally awesome way. Sony announced the conjoining of two like destinies, intertwinned with one goal in mind: to save you money. Limbo releases on the PS Vita today. Furthermore, it will be released on the platform in Europe tomorrow. The price of admission is $14.99/ €12.99 (£9.99); and, upon obtaining a licence of the downloaded game, players will have all-access...access to the game on both platforms.

Playdead's Dino Patti, whom is CEO and co-founder doesn't want to "rethink the game" by implementing touch-screen controls for the Vita port.

"We're not using any touch," Patti said. "We didn't feel it would suit Limbo at all. It would feel like a patch if we did it. And we really like the original experience. The Vita allows you to have the original experience."

Limbo is developed by Danish games studio: Playdead.

Source: Polygon

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