Time Warner Offering Cash Incentives to Content Providers

The Avant-guarde/ media consumers are switching off their televisions screens, and, subsequently, switching on their laptops, and mobile devices. Yet, consumers are still desirous of certain programs aired on cable television. Programming such as sports (NBA,) or HBO. Bloomberg reports that this disparity is the result of Time Warner Cable's influence. In an effort to keep content off the internet, Time Warner are offering cash incentives to content providers, and media companies. Thus, restricting their content to just the cable provider. In addition, Bloomberg's unnamed source has the drop on threats aroused by Time Warner. An alternate scenario, sees Time Warner either dropping the content completely, or squeezing more money. Although, no comparison can be drawn to other gun-totting content distributors. Like a gnarly Al Capone imitation. At the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, Glenn Britt, TWC's CEO, aired out  the rumor by stating this lil tidbit: "We may well have ones that have that prohibition."

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