TitanFall May Not Support Cross-Platform Play

Speaking with Gamespot, Respawn Entertainment's co-founder Vince Campella confirmed that TitanFall "will most likey not" see cross-platform play. Although, he does not rule out any possibilities. The team would rather not, due to a possible disparity in skill-level between two platforms.

Zampella stated: "Most likely not, I don't think it's locked yet, but to me, I'd like to keep it segregated so there's no advantage or disadvantage." Games such as Dust 514 for the PlayStation 3, however, are proving that cross-platform play need not be a detriment. With the scope of the planetary game being expanded to players of the PC game EVE Online.

TitanFall releases sometime in 2014 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the Windows PC.


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