What's It to Ya? Microsoft's E3 Grade

The Technology

Microsoft appeared to come out stunningly with its E3 press conference, and with it, came exciting, and unexpected news. News such as the Xbox One will be releasing new hardware: a redesigned slimmer, and quieter Xbox 360. Yet, the retail price will remain unchanged. Microsoft also revealed that the Xbox One will retail for $499.99 in the States; £429.99 in the UK; and, 499.99 Euros in Europe. They also revealed that the platform will release, initially in 21 countries. The Redmond, WA company reveled in surprise tactics. It's no surprise, however, that the Xbox One will come with a Day-One SKU. Which, akin to the PS Vita, is a limited edition bundle available for pre-order. Furthermore, the underlying policies implemented are still questionable. As, content control is handed over to publishers. Jerked out of the hands of gamers. Possibly to appease publishers, whom offer exclusive content, and other niceties. Additionally, Microsoft points, achievements, and an overhauled reputation system were introduced for the Xbox One.

Fan and Media Reactions

Now, onto the bad news. Fan and media reactions, with quotes: "Sony is now simply in a position to dominate Microsoft when both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One launch." - Forbes Tech News “Sony has emerged with a huge PR win by letting the PS4 do something game consoles have done since the dawn of time.” - The Verge "Xbox One's Ryse Looks Gory... and Totally Awesome" - IGN "FYI: Double Helix is the lead developer on #KillerInstict, not Rare" - CVG "Xbox One's Killer Instinct reboot is free-to-play and comes with just one free character, Jago" - VG247 "PS4 and Xbox One are HDMI only with HDCP encyption" - NeoGAF "XboxOne vs PS4 - it's a no brainier really" - Artful Dodger; "I'm an Xbox man, but they've got it all wrong this time around XboxOne? XboxDone.." I don't feel the conference was out of the ordinary. In actuality, Microsoft are capitalizing off of all the cultivating they did with the Xbox 360. Its business as usual, for Microsoft.

You've Gotta Keep Your Eyes Out for these Games

Halo - 343 Studios
TitanFall - Respawn
Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare - Popcap Games
Quantum Break - Remedy
Destiny - Bungie



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