What's It to Ya? Sony's E3 Grade

The Technology 

Sony came out with a couple of show-stoppers, some sharp contrasts, and games, games, and more games. Although, like Microsoft's conference, it felt contrived. It's all familiar territory, but the content was clearly in the pudding. Accordingly, Sony seemed to be playing it safe in regards to the games it was showcasing. The technology in the PS4 is impressive. And, is being master-minded by the lead architect, Mark Cerny. Further, Sony announced that the PS4 will retail for $399.99, countering the Xbox One's retail price of $499.99. Although, no SKU's, or bundles were announced. Early in the show, Sony showcased the PS4. The PS4's design looks like a tower, a black stark tower that resembles the PS3 slim's design, and black matte finish. In an attempt to reassure consumers, Sony played up the DRM-free PS4. Yet, the PS4 walks a murky road, with its PlayStation Plus service, revealing that the PS4 will be pay-to-play online. To clarify, Sony will charge for playing games online, and publishers will have control over DRM implemented into games. Lastly, the PlayStation 4 will improve on its existing PSN foundation. Adding unique content to the service, that is being funneled by Sony's other subsidiary, Sony Pictures. The integration comes in the wake of a vast restructuring process Sony are enveloped in. The PS4 will also include party chat, UStream support, and new applications.

Fan and Media Reactions

After Sony's somewhat safe to the chest E3, fans and the media took to the internet to respond: "That NBA-2K14 for Xbox-ONE & PS4 stoopidddddd dope graphics!" "Ps4 looks wicked can't wait to play it ... Bit nerdy but I'm putting out there" "So it looks like trading PS4 games isn't easy. Like somehow the publishers would hold MS to different rules." "Sony's consumer compassion rises above all." - CVG "PS4 will come with an HDMI cable included in the box! :)" "PS4 used games policy to be determined by publishers" Third party publishers will have the final say on used games for PS4" - Kotaku "PS4's HDD is removable, upgradable:" - IGN "PS4 is 30-50% faster for 20% cheaper. No contest." "PS4 hard drive is user-replaceable. - Polygon "Final Fantasy XV is not a PS4 exclusive. It's coming to Xbox One, too. - Kotaku The PS4 looks to be a solid device and investment, giving everything we know. The surfacing news on policies echoing Microsoft's has us cringing. Well, until more clarification surfaces.

You've Gotta Keep Your Eyes Out for These Games

Infamous: Second Sun, 
Killzone: Shadow Fall
The Elder Scrolls Online



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