Interview: How to get your wife into video games II

When I wrote my first article for coupdegracecdg.com, entitled: How to Get Your Wife into Video Games, I wanted to tackle an argument I've always thought to be nonsensical. In the process of writing up that article, I culled statistics from the NPD group, proving otherwise.

Thus, the theme of the article revolved, not around how to get your wife into video games, but that she may already be into the same video games you play. In this follow-up, I interview a PS3 female video gamer: HIZ_ADDICTION, whose had years of experience —playing video games.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to attend this interview, HIZ.
HIZ: Yeah, no problem.

How long have you been playing video games?

HIZ: I've been playing video games since I was in the first grade, when I was 7. And even before then, I was playing with this console that had a joystick, which I later found out was an Atari. I've been playing for about 23 years now.

What was the first video game console you got?

HIZ: The original Nintendo. My mom got it for me. It came with the gun for Duck Hunt...you could shoot it at the screen, which I thought was dope! I felt good having it.

Have you known many females that play at your level?

HIZ: No. A lot of my friends aren't into console video games. They love computer games!

If you could go back in time, HIZ, what video game time period would you go back to?

HIZ: I like Super Nintendo. It was pretty dope. It's either between that or Nintendo 64.

Do you enjoy the casual video game to relieve stress?

HIZ: Oh Yeah! Without a doubt! I like video games where you have to focus a lot. It takes my mind off of other things. So, yeah, without a doubt.

I actually have a few female gamers on my buddy list. Over the years, I've only remembered them as hardcore gamers,and they have the trophies to prove it. I want to demystify the myth the females cannot be hardcore gamers.

How many hours per week do you believe you invest in video games?

HIZ: Not too much these days, now that I'm older. Probably a couple
hours per day. Although, I do play every day.

Video games are apart of your daily routine then?
HIZ: Yeah.

How many video games do you own?

HIZ: *looks through collection*  30 games.

I'm under the impression that female video gamers are looked down upon. What can we do to change that perspective?

HIZ: Challenge them to play against a female video gamer. I may not be the best, but you gotta prove yourself. If they want to talk smack, then let's go!

Let me ask you then, are you into smaller video games, such as Bejeweled, or Words with Friends?

HIZ: I don't like those video games. But, like I said, my Mom, Sister and coworkers like those types of video games a lot.

It does seem like there are two video games markets, like low end and high end merchandise. Folks seem to see a far better investment and, subsequently, better returns on cheaper video games.
Do you play primarily with guy gamers?
HIZ: Yes.

What advice would you give to another female put in the sometimes awkward position of playing with a group of guys?

HIZ: Basically just remember its a game, and it's about fun. You can't take things too personal because there are guys that will be rude and talk smack. That's what a girl gamer has to understand. Just chill, relax, and have fun.

What is the age group of the guys you do play video games with?

HIZ: Oh lord! They range. From like 16 to their late 30's and early 40's.

I want to thank you for conducting this interview with me. It was a pleasure, HIZ.

HIZ: That's it?

One last question:

Do you think males correlate a high masculinity level with female video gamers; thus, seeing the masculinity as an obstacle?

HIZ: Yeah. Everyone has a perception of what a female video gamer looks and acts like.

This was an interview with HIZ_ADDICTION, a PS3 gamer. Her favorite types of video games are racing video games. And, she kicks ass at Saints Row the Third!

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