Bethesda not too pleased to develop for the Wii-U

Pete Hines, Vice President of public relations at Bethesda Softworks, has again clarified the publishers' stance regarding Nintendo's Wii-U console. Making an appearance on GameTrailer's Bonus Round — a forum for industry personalities — Hines, catapults his criticism squarely at third-party support for the console.

"If you're just going sort [of ]deciding, 'we're going to make a box and this is how it works and you should make games for it'. Well, no. No is my answer," Hines asserted. "I'm going to focus on other ones that better support what it is we're trying to do."

When one questions the market position of the Wii-U, with all the market's seismic shifts, clearly then, Nintendo is in trouble. With faltering sales,and dismal third-party support, Hines shares this advice with Nintendo; that they should "do what Sony and Microsoft have done with [Bethesda] for a long time," to clue publishers in, and offer more support to publishers. This is a far cry from the days of the NES, when Nintendo packaged in a robo toy. Simpler days led to an abundance of third-party support.

Source: IGN

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