Making friends on the PS3 or Xbox 360, and keeping them

I go head to head with two gamers to talk about how to make, and keep friends on video game consoles such as the Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita and PC. MentalGuerilla is an inquisitive 20 year old gamer, whose been playing video games since he can remember. Mradams14 is an 18 year old gamer, with a healthy dose of esteem.

MentalGuerilla: That's easy: message back, play games together, meet on home...oh yeah, message back.

Me: I remember back when you and Mental met, Adams. Ya'll wasn't so close. Now you guys are!

Mradams14: It used to be just what's up, now he's like a brother.

Me: Yeah, that's true. Let's remember that friends come and go, don't they? But, more frequently on here. I've had friends for 4 years running, which baffles me! But, they are some of the most siginficant relationships.

MG: Yes, you lose friends more frequently on here.

Me: Perhaps because there are far more groups on PlayStation Home, thus creating wider, sometimes advent guard social situations.

MG: I'd say PS Home keeps friends together.

Me: OK. Adams, do you play games with younger people here?

Mradams14: Yes, I do. 14 is the youngest I've played with.

Me: Some people lie about their age.

Mrdams14: True that.

Me: I don't know if you guys remember, back when we were recruiting, we ran into some liars.

Mradams14: I remember.

Me: Lets not muddle anything. Even though you have all of these friends, not all of them are looking out for you. With all this talk about friends and how to keep them, you guys will be glad to know that the PS4 supports up to 2000 friends. A major upgrade!

Mradams14: That's what's up!

Me: And, with so many friends, the importance of their relation to you is more pronounced. How do you feel about 2000 friends on the PS4?

Mradams14: Too many. 

Me: Agreed.

MG: Great, but too many people to try and connect with.

Me: The danger here is in that being more open ended, you get intrusion. With all that being said, there's still time for some light hearted fun. How's DC Universe, guys?

Mradams14: Fun. You got it!?

Me: No. I do not.

MG: Flipping awesome! I'm level 14. I started over so many times though.

Mradams14: Level 23! Get sum!

Me: That's great to hear you guys enjoying yourselves. You guys should check out my article about DC Universe. Which has a wealth of background information. For instance,  the game designer,  also penned the characters of the game, and is most notable for his contribution to the comics. The man had humble beginnings. He was going to be a doctor,  but had a higher calling to draw. I imagine the game has a host of variety and an abundance of players. I see a lot of my friends on it. I believe that game will only get bigger in the future, especially if it hits the PS4!

MG: Definitely yes!!!  Bigger and better! Sony should work on the PS3's issues, such as lag, freezing, long downloads and updates.

Me: I agree. These types of games are the wave of the future! Think about it. Our online interactions are closely mirroring our daily interactions. Our life is consumed by media interests. The narcotic is no longer the drug, but the gateway. MMO's are apart of that.

What are 5 tips to make friends and keep them on video game consoles?


1. Message back
2. Get on PlayStation Home
3.Play games together
4. Get phone numbers, kik, Facebook, and network. Build the connection. 5. Keep in touch off of the console.


1. Respect
 2. Humble yourself for true friends
3. Keep in touch as much as possible
4. Surround yourself with true friends
5. Try not to upset friends

Thank you guys for your time. Been a pleasure.

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