Final Fantasy Versus 13 News on the Horizon, But Do You Still Care?

Fans rejoice, as 'exciting' and 'FANTASTIC' Final Fantasy Versus news is still in the pipeline and according to Tetsuya Nomura; in a radio interview you can expect new information on that date sometime in the not too distant future -- expect fake coughs, some new information on the game, and possibly some biting of the nails. Any information regarding the game apparently is very sensitive, and as fans know has been slow to leak out from publisher Square Enix.

"Even within the company, news about Versus is a sensitive issue. Very sensitive."

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"We've been silent for the past year, but we've already picked a day to announce specific info. Bit by bit, we are in the process of getting ready for that."

Final Fantasy Versus was first begin development back in 2005 and was announced back in 2006 exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 3. Although, the same could be said for Final Fantasy XIII which was released back in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360. In a radio interview, Tetsuya Nomura seemed very hesitant on his selection of words when he was questioned about the game. Which is not surprising, as Square Enix has always been tight lipped about this particular Final Fantasy game.

"Last year we didn't announce anything about the game. To be honest, I talked about releasing new info, but wasn't able to, and I'd like to apologize for that."

Seems Square Enix, well the new Square Enix is putting up all kinds of red tape surrounding this game. This isn't fair to fans, but on the flip side, developers face tremendous pressures releasing this game in let's say within ten years. The thing with productions that are this lengthy is that ideas tend to escape realism, and the ideas then take on a life of their own. Will Nomura's 1st Production Department and their proprietary game engine: Crystal Tools be able to pull it off? Wait maybe nine and a half years to find out. It's already been seven years.


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