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Today MARKS the turning of a new page; and as the dust settles from the opposing page, my erratic thoughts, (due to nervous tension) and expressions from the world need to be compartmentalized, structured, and restructured for better assimilation. My talk with my girlfriend about the fruits of our labor, and patterning of life has left me questioning -- no, rather reinforcing the collective state of mind by questioning. Everyone has a ROLE in LIFE. So question your role. I drew some tangents such as the stumbling drunk loitering on indistinguishable street corners next to that liquor or convenience store; and the police patrol daily here. The precinct is approximately 1.8 light years...ahem, miles away. He/ She's seen the city transform like a child into an adult, yet could not recall it in minute detail if he/ she wanted too.

So that liquor or convenience store holds that drunk hostage to sell their alcohol. An abundance of hostages in the inner-city bound and gagged, as they cling to the bottle like the jaws of life. Health inspectors write up and relinquish the alcoholics of their escapism tendencies momentarily by relinquishing convenience stores of their liquor licensees for selling alcohol to minors. Why Escape from New York? You remember your parents or guardians trying to shelter you as a youth, making sure you steered clear of trouble; or in my case, you've seen your fair share of that thing we call LIFE. No matter how harsh it is. Thus, when you're younger you get told what your role in life is -- almost systematically.

Not dictated too. However, that may not be the case depending on how strict your household was. You might have been dictated to or at, then in your adult years you assert yourself in a similar fashion. This has been the case for me, but harsh realities call for harsher discipline with pitfalls falling from the sky. You're a youngster however -- no worries you think; and you most presumably do not pick up on the subtle and direct messages you're very susceptible too -- whether you heed those messages in your your adult years is up to you. As you grow up and figure out how to make a legit buck, you come to idealize society less. Bask in conformity. No. Not conformity to the extent a communist country such as North Korea mandates it's citizens conform to; however, sooner or later you'll have to conform to a role in society and the underpinnings of other political parties vibrate throughout us. So face the facts why don't you.

Criminals have taken divergent life paths from your CEO's and executives of the world; however, even those CEO's and executives diverge and partake in criminal activities. It's like a jacket you wear normally one day, then you decide for some peculiar reason that wearing that jacket inside-out was next on the agenda. You always hear of reformed criminals. Society's pressures are booming. I gushed over my niece a couple of weeks ago, whom is six now. My sister brought my niece to New York City from New Jersey where they live to visit. A first. After my brother died from gang violence in 2012, whom also lived in New Jersey I felt his presence even in his absence, and that void that couldn't be filled was colored by our niece and his daughter. I Spent quite a while hoping he'd be in a better place smiling down.

After my electric chat with my girlfriend over the weekend, I still had to contend with my dreaded asthma. The bane of my current miseries. These asthma flair ups have to been induced  by the weather, as the weather has been a black sheep oddity as of late here in New York City. For instance, a couple of mornings ago cast a very dreary, cold, and wet day with dark grey clouds that settled early in the morning. A stark contrast to today, which sees sunny weather and beach like breezes. I've been concocting various home remedies such as black coffee, black tea, honey, and hot showers -- all in an attempt at alleviating the tightness in my chest with good results. I rather be out and about revitalizing per destination; per square mile, as I love to travel, especially when I am allotted the time to. Whether they be long or short trips, especially around the city; and with so much going on I can't resist. I can't resist the allure of New York City. But for now I'm bed ridden.

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