DUST 514 is Kicking My Butt, and I'm Loving It

Dust 514 is a subway tunnel system. Each objective leading to a new destination. DUST 514 takes players to a galaxy far away, and it connects them with EVE Online. EVE Online is a different beast altogether. They two games are however, coupled together like Siamese twins. The Massively Multiplayer Online first-person shooter is a treat. Those vying for inter-galactic warfare are welcome. It all sounds like the perfect concept...on paper. DUST 514 is kicking my butt. Here's Why:

The game flourishes in regards to the things it does well. Like gun-play and objectives. Its also a "Shaq" of game. You could easily get lost in the menu system. And the flood of tutorials in the beginning borderlines on intrusive. The communication needed -- mandated to coordinate attacks to defend bases is reminiscent of the Battlefield series. This game plays nothing like COD. However, run-and-gun style gameplay persists. Enough about the bad bits. Be on the look-out, for when we really put the game through its trials, and review it.

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