GT6 to Make it in Time for Christmas, Sony Assures

Mcvuk reports that Gran Turismo 6 will make it in time for Christmas, according to Sony. Or, maybe a day late; but with presents. Gran Turismo 6 will not be moving onto the next generation with its latest iteration. Amid the announcement of Forza 5 for the xbox one, Sony and Polyphony Digital would seem to not have a care in the world. Their target is to capture the PS3's existing market at the end of the year. Josh Walker, a product manager had this to say to MCV:

“There is no reason to think the proposed release window for GT6 will not be achieved.” And maybe he's right. Just maybe Polyphony Digital have a better grasp on their engine. I for one, look forward to more details.

He further added: “We feel it is important to continue to support our loyal PS3 users, and those from many parts of the world who are new to PS3, with a new title. And [series producer] Kazuori Yamauchi was keen to develop the Gran Turismo platform further on PS3."

Source: Mcvuk

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