Mirror's Edge 2 Spotted in the Wild at Online Retailer Amazon

Another listing for Mirror's Edge 2 has popped up like a mole online, but was quickly taken down. It would seem that if, in-fact the game does exist, it could be a totally awesome Xbox One exclusive. To stress another point, it seems rather contradictory to the nature of EA. And goes against what has been stated in the past about a Mirror's Edge sequel.

The game, while great didn't fare too well at retail. It was a fan favorite however. If we were to speculate, Microsoft's boast of snatching up exclusives, and investing upwards of a billion dollars into the Xbox One holds together, this could really make for interesting news. Whenever its announced -- if its announced. If it even exists at all. Although, developer Dice has already acknowledged the existence of the game. So get your best sweat suit prepped and ironed; and practice those acrobatics. So you can be ready for the 'if' and 'whenever'.

Source: Gamespot

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