The Last of Us Season Pass is a Bargain; DLC and Extras Included

Its no secret, I'm just as eager as you for the Last of Us to drop. The wait will be over soon, on June 14th. In the meantime, and as we volley thoughts at the game, $19.99 is all Sony and Naughty Dog are asking from you. Yesterday, as in Tues, you drunken fool, Sony made available to the masses the Season pass for The Last of Us. What's so special about some stinking season pass I have to shell out more moula for? You contemplate.

Well, for the price of a case of beer, and a gallon of milk, you get more than you could bargain for. The Season pass includes MORE Story, MORE maps, and MORE of The Last of Us -- that's three DLC packs -- that's a $30.00 value. Exclusive to the Season pass is increased Crafting Speed,Increased Healing Speed, 9mm Reload Speed Upgrade, Rifle Clip Capacity Upgrade, and the “Grounded” – 90 minute making of video. See You June 14th.

Source: PlayStationLifestyle

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